Author: Liz Wallace

Liz Wallace

Liz Wallace is a dedicated journalist whose work at SCCCJ is marked by a commitment to clarity and transparency. With a focus on delivering information in a concise manner, Wallace's articles provide readers with a straightforward yet comprehensive understanding of the news.

In the evolving landscape of fashion, a transformative trend is gaining momentum as women, particularly the younger generation, liberate themselves from traditional undergarments. The seismic shift began with the decline of cleavage-centric styles and underwires, leading to a bra-free movement that has now escalated to shedding bras entirely. The Evolution: Cleavage’s Demise: In 2016, Vogue declared the era of cleavage over, symbolizing a departure from conventional fashion norms. Underwire Abandonment: The subsequent abandonment of underwires further signaled a departure from discomfort, embracing a more relaxed approach to lingerie. Bra-Free Movement: The embrace of bra-free living gained momentum during lockdowns, with…

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A new report by parental controls company Qustodio reveals that children in the UK are emerging as some of the heaviest users of TikTok globally, spending an average of over two hours per day on the popular social media app. The study highlights a significant increase from the previous year, with British children spending an average of 127 minutes daily on TikTok in 2021, marking an 11% surge. This growing trend underscores the evolving digital landscape for young users and prompts discussions about responsible screen time management and online safety. TikTok Usage Trends Surpassing Global Averages: The report indicates that…

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