Author: Marcus Robinson

Marcus Robinson

Marcus Robinson, a respected journalist at SCCCJ, is known for his clear and concise reporting. With a focus on delivering news with accuracy and professionalism, Robinson's contributions provide readers with a reliable source of information on a wide array of topics.

In the ever-evolving world of electric vehicles (EVs), the spotlight is increasingly turning toward an unexpected challenge: insurance premiums. Recent data from the UK reveals a substantial surge in insurance costs for electric car owners, more than doubling the premiums compared to their petrol-fuelled counterparts. This unexpected twist in the EV narrative raises questions about the factors driving these soaring insurance costs and what it means for the broader adoption of electric vehicles. The Numbers Tell a Tale of Doubling Premiums According to data from UK broker Howden Group, the typical insurance premium for electric vehicles in the UK has…

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In a strategic shift, Apple Inc. has postponed its highly anticipated electric vehicle launch from the initial target of 2026 to 2028, according to sources cited by Bloomberg. The delay reflects the tech giant’s grappling with the complexities of transitioning from consumer gadgets to the automotive industry. Internally known as Project Titan, Apple has been discreetly working on its electric car initiative since 2014, investing hundreds of millions of dollars in development. Despite the substantial investment, the company is yet to produce a prototype, facing internal team restructuring and leadership changes over the years. The challenges of developing an electric…

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